Keynote Lectures,  Plenary Talks, Invited Panels and Seminars taught

Invited Talk: "Curiosity Is A Superpower" TEDx Beacon St MA, USA (11/04/2017)

Invited Lecture: "Advances in NanoBioTech" Industrial Liaison Program, MIT, MA, USA (07/18/2017)

Invited Lecture: "Beyond the Dog's Nose" Medical Detection Dogs, Milton Keynes, UK (07/21/2017)

The Dave Kelly Keynote Lecture: "Molecular Phrenology" UK Semiochemistry Network, Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK (07/18/2017)

Invited Lecture: "Protein Electronics Science and Bionanotechnology". Communication in Biology Systems and Applications in Bionanotechnology, University of Patras, GREECE (06/28/2017)

Invited Lecture: “Self Calibrating Protocols for Wearables and Personalized Machine Learning” The 10th ACM International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments, Rhodes, GREECE (06/23/2017)

Invited Lecture: Membrane Proteins: The Trillion Dollar Space Between Wet and Dry.  Naval Underwater Warfare Center, Newport, RI USA (4/19/2017)

Invited Lecture: "Role of Curiosity in Research and Technology" Consciousness Hacking: Meditation, Neuroscience and Technology Symposium. Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA USA (3/30/2017)

Invited Lecture: "BioNanoTechnology of membrane proteins: from scents to cures" Epoch Foundation, TSMC & MediaTek Taipei, TAIWAN (11/9/2016)

Invited Lecture: "Future of Wearable Biosensors (wearable personalized machine learning and EEG)" Mayorty of Wuxi, CHINA (11/7/2016)

Invited Nanotechnology Keynote: Unlocking the Nanoscale. Princeton Envision Conference, Princeton, NJ, USA (12/2/2016)

Invited Seminar: "Olfaction: Scientific Goldmine" Olfaction Research Group, Weizmann Institute of Science, Department of Neurobiology, ISRAEL (11/2/2016)

Invited Keynote: Drowing in 'Omes, Monsanto Science Fellows Symposium, Chesterfield MO USA (4/13/2016)

Plenary Lecture: From Olfaction to Pharma, Monsanto Science Fellows Symposium Chesterfield MO USA (4/14/2016)

Invited Lecture: Beyond Structure-Function: the Science and Bio-nano-technology of Membrane Proteins. Bioorganic Chemistry Seminar, Russian Academy of Sciences. Lomonosov University, Moscow, RUSSIA (12/28/2015)

Invited Outside Lecture: "Drug Discovery Through The Nose" GlaxoSmithKline Science Week, Stevenage, UK (10/8/2015)

Exhibits and Invited Lectures "Distributed Solar Hextiles", "Modular Microfluidics" "Personalized Machine Learning for EEG Wearables" MIT-China Wuxi Conference Jiangsu Province, CHINA (05/22-24/2015)

Invited Talk: "Biomolecular Recognition". CBA Bits <-> Bio Conference</->. MIT, Cambridge, MA USA (5/1/2014)

Invited Talk: Bio Nano Technology-New Frontiers in Molecular Engineering TEDx-Athens, GREECE (11/24/2012)

Invited Lecture: "Nature’s Templates" University of Pennsylvania, Department of Physics, Philadelphia, USA (08/15/2011)

Invited Lecture: "Bio-Nano-Materials" National Center for Nuclear Research EKEFE Demokritos, Athens GREECE (11/30/2010)

Bioenergy harvesting and protein-based sensing. IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensors Conference, Cambridge, USA (11/17/2010)

Invited Panel: "In-Field Fabrication of Bio-Photovoltaics" Pune FAB5: Fifth International Fab Lab Forum and Symposium on Digital Fabrication, INDIA (via satellite link) (08/20/2009)

Keynote Lecture: "Bio-Nano-Mechanics: Using Nature’s Templates Keynote Lecture: Technological University of Monterrey, 7th International Congress on Mechatronics Engineering, Monterrey, MEXICO (03/27/2009)

Invited Lecture: "Quantum Brain?" Boston Skeptics in the Pub, Cambridge, MA USA (01/26/2009)

Invited Panel: "Flexible BioPhotoVoltaics Manufacturing Leaders for Manufacturing" MIT Sloan School of Business. Cambridge, MA USA (11/06/2008)

Invited Lecture: Self-assembled, bio-engineered photovoltaics and other applications of bio-nano-tech Alexander Fleming Institute: Vari, GREECE (06/25/2008)

Plenary Lecture: "Bio-Engineered Photosystem-I Sensitized Solar Cells on Nanostructured TiO2, and ZnO Photoanodes" 1st Int. Conf. on Nanoparticles, Nanomaterials Nanodevices and Nanosystems, Chalkidiki, GREECE (06/17/2008) and Biological Memory Depends on the Cytoskeleton but is it Quantum? Chalkidiki, GREECE (06/16/2008)

Invited Presentation: "Membrane protein photovoltaics" Biological Engineering Department MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA (11/20/2007)

Invited Lecture: "From patent to market: a guide for startups". Consulate General of Greece. Boston, MA USA (11/19/2007)

Invited Technology Presentation: "Early Wildfire Alert Network". USDA Forest Service, National Interagency Fire Center, Boise, Idaho, USA (08/13/2007)

Invited Panel: "Bio-Sensitized Solar Cells on ZnO nanowires" Intel™ Power-Plus Forum: INTEL HQ, Portland, Oregon, USA (08/10/2007)

Invited Presentation: "Biosensing Devices" ROHM™ Kyoto, JAPAN (08/02/2007)

Invited Lecture: "Stabilized Membrane Proteins for Energy and Sensing Applications" NOKIA™, Helsinki, FINLAND (07/17/2007)

Invited Talk: "Bottom-up Nano-biotechnology" Center for Bits and Atoms, Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA, (10/12/2006)

Keynote Lecture: "Bio Nano Materials for Energy Applications". Joint 8th International Symposium on Hydrothermal Reactions & 7th International Conference on Solvo-Thermal Reactions, Sendai, JAPAN (08/07/2006)

Plenary Lecture: "Photosystem-I biosolar" The Protein Society 19th Symposium, Boston, USA (03/13/2006)

Invited Technology Presentation: "Protein-based photovoltaics" Delta Electronics, USA Protein-based nanowire photovoltaics Taipei, TAIWAN (07/30/2005)

Invited Lecture: "Quantum biophysics: testing a controversial hypothesis". Research for Undergraduates (RUG) program, Texas A&M Univ. College Station, TX, USA (06/17/2003)

Plenary Lecture: "Experimental quantum brain?" Plenary Lecture: Quantum Mind 2003 Conference, Univ. of Arizona Tucson, AZ, USA (03/15/2003)

Contributed Talks/Seminars

"Battery-less remote sensing and mesh-networked forest wildfire protection -E.W.A.N." Hellenic Technology Cluster Initiative (Ministry of Development) GDT/Corallia, Athens, GREECE (06/13/2008)

Seminar: "Bio-Nanotechnology: integrating membrane proteins with electronic circuits". National Technical University of Athens, GREECE (10/16/2007)

"Biomimicry in nanotechnology" Marine Biology Institute, Heita-Kamaishi, JAPAN (03/12/2005)

"Photosynthetic electric power" RIKEN, Yokohama, JAPAN (03/10/2005)

"Peptide-assisted bio-nanodevices" Center for Astrophysics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA  (02/25/2005)

"Biological Engineering of Peptide-Stabilized Membrane Protein Chips" Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA USA (12/09/2004)

"Bio(qu)bits: theory, simulation and experiment" Centre for Structural Biology, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, Univ. of London, UK (02/20/2004)

"Biomolecules as substrates for classical and quantum computation" Joint NSF/DARPA PI meeting, Ft. Lauderdale, FL USA (05/15/2003)

"Directed overexpression of vertebrate tubulin in Drosophila mushroom bodies causes neuroplasticity decrement in olfactory associative memory" Texas A&M Univ. Center for Advanced Invertebrate Molecular Neurobiology, USA (05/01/2001)

"Biophysics of the cytoskeleton" Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), USA (11/28/2000)

Invited Posters/Abstracts

"Shifted-Wavelength Photosynthesis for Biomass Production" Nature-Inspired Biomimicry Summit Exploration for Aerospace NASA/Ohio Aerospace Institute Cleveland, OH USA (10/5/2017)

"United States of E-coli" poster and multi-cultural directed evolution strategy presentation with Shannon L. Johnson for CBA entry to Evolthon Genome Engineering Challenge at Genome Evolution Conference, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, ISRAEL (11/1-3/2016)

"BioManufacturing Impossible Materials" DARPA MTO Workshop, Dana Point, CA, USA (02/25/2011)

"Bio-based RealNose" DARPA RealNose Industry Day: Arlington, VA, USA (01/15/2008)

Joint NSF/DARPA PI meeting, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA, Electromagnetic and informational processes in biomolecular polymers (05/15/2003)

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