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Most-relevant to (RealNose co-founder Dr. Andreas Mershin is the lead inventor, RealNose advisor Dr. Shuguang Zhang (MIT) is second inventor, patent is owned by MIT and RealNose have negotiated the start to a potential license agreement if MIT IP is found to be needed).

PLoS One Peer-Reviewed Feb 2021 Paper showing AI can do as well as dogs using GC-MS data collected from same urine  

In MIT News (and see other media coverage on the right hand side of that page)

An expose of "How to Make A Robotic Nose" and all things machine olfaction by Wired covering Andreas’ and others' work in detail.

Well-done PBS clip explaining how RealNose can generalize from odorants to odor character of cancer is since 2021 an MA-registered 501c3 non-profit machine olfaction professional organization. "The OsmocosmFoundation" (Osmo- is Greek forscent, Cosmos is Greek for World so "World ofScent") Andreas has co-founded and runs since 2021 has now over 40hours of high-quality video lecture content linked on the Osmocosm site and hosted on Youtube taken during the annual Global Machine Olfaction Technologies conference Osmocosm hosts at MIT.

During the third annual Osmocosm Globatl Machine Olfaction Technologies Conference @MIT  October 20 and 21 2023, had  Nikolas Stefanou, CEO RealNose present (starts at 2h:46m

"Quantum Mysteries" TV Special (2003)

"Visions of the Future" (with Michio Kaku) TV Series, BBC (2007)

Engineering for Change: “The Biosolar Race is On" (2012)

Photovoltaic panels made from plant material could become a cheap alternative to traditional solar cells (2012)

Print and online mass media, TV and Radio News:

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