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I have retired from MIT  to become the CSO of RealNose.ai

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Photo Credit: David Sella
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"Smelling skin cancer with your smartphone"
NZTV, Nov 30 2017 (4:20 min)

“Curiosity is a Superpower”
TEDx Beacon St, Nov 4 2017 (10:28 min)

"Label-Free research group and Early Cancer Detection methods"
P61VMag, Issue 05, Dec 14 2017 (7:26 min) (learn more)

“Presenting the Label-Free research group”
MIT Industrial Liaison Program, Jan 25 2018 (5:53 min)

TEDx Athens, Oct 2012 (18:02 min)

Molecular Frontiers Forum. Announcement of the Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize 2013 at the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences, Stockholm Sweden (14:30 min)

“Harnessing nature's solar cells”
MIT News, Feb 2012 (2:49 min)

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